Porous and Armor Ceramics

Porous ceramics shows significant properties and features   that other ceramics can’t exhibit. So that is why porous ceramics is found in different applications as final products in developing sites.  Porous   ceramics possess different physical properties such as good chemical and thermal stability, great fine specific strength and rigidity. The armour ceramics are used to protect the vehicles in the past and the strongest and lightest ceramic material is the boron-carbide. The materials that are used in armour ceramics are Carbon, Silica, and Aluminium-Oxide. Boron Carbide is mainly used for ceramic plates in order


  • Ballistic Testing and Characterization of Ceramic Armor Materials
  • Using Laser-Driven Projectiles for Ceramic Armor Characterization
  • Impedance Matching Ceramic Matrix
  • Composites for Better Armour Ceramics
  • Composite Armor based on borides and carbides

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